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Great voice-overs can make or break your content and marketing, and not everyone has the golden pipes for it. (There’s a reason you don’t hear Gilbert Gottfried on meditation podcasts.)
Unfortunately, hiring voice-over artists can be expensive and time-consuming. And no offense to Siri, but most text-to-speech technology sounds too robotic.
If only there was a tool that generated high-quality, natural sounding voice-overs in a snap.
Say hello to Listnr.

About Listnr :
– Create high-quality voice-overs and podcasts in minutes right from the dashboard
– Host, distribute, and update your podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts
– Best for: Content creators, marketers and bloggers looking to create voice-based content

Listnr is a one-stop audio shop for content creators and marketers, so you can skip the whole awkward recording process. (“Wait, could you repeat that line after you finish your bagel?”)
With an easy-to-use interface and plenty of customization options, Listnr lets you focus on creating killer content perfect for your band or audience. Just type, click, and done.
It’s time to make yourself heard.
Get lifetime access to Listnr today!

Get lifetime access to Listnr today!